October Events: Recovery scholars as guest speakers

We are excited to announce two important events at which our Recovery scholars will be speaking.

On Monday Oct. 9, 2017, our Director of Research, Dr. Carolina Villarroeal, will be the keynote speaker at Real History of the Americas on at Fort Lewis El Centro de Muchos Colores Hispanic Resource Center in Durango, Colorado.

The event page for El Centro de Muchos Colores describes the event as follows:

The Real History of the Americas takes a positive, but different look at the history of North and South America from the viewpoints of Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Native and LGBT peoples, among others. The 2017 theme is: “Honoring the Heartbeat of our Mother,” and will feature indigenous drumming, traditional foods, lectures, art, theatre and storytelling.  The Real History of the Americas celebration seeks to increase awareness and appreciation of the cultures and histories of sometimes marginalized peoples.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017, our CLIR/DLF-Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Lorena Gauthereau, will be a guest speaker at the Poets Unidos Celebration of Bilingual Poetry Houston Poetry Fest. ***Edit***Location changed to Platypus Brewing.

Keep up to date with important events by checking out our calendar on the Events tab!

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