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Scroll down to find a list of ongoing digital humanities projects that come out of the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage archives.

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Are We Good Neighbors?

Are We Good Neighbors? maps cases of discrimination against people of Mexican descent in Texas during the 1940s as documented by affidavits collected by Mexican American lawyer and LULAC co-founder, Alonso S. Perales. Project Manager: Lorena Gauthereau, Ph.D.

Alonso S. Perales Digital Collection

Th Alonso S. Perales Digital Collection contains a sampling of Mexican American lawyer and LULAC co-founder, Alonso S. Perales’ photographs, LULAC documents, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and legal documents. Project Manager: Lorena Gauthereau, Ph.D. with Collaborator: Theresa Mayfield

Delis Negrón Digital Archive

The Delis Negrón Digital Archive highlights the life and work of Delis Negrón, a Puerto Rican writer who was also a director, editor, English professor and activist in south Texas and Mexico City. Student Lead: Sylvia A. Fernández Collaborators: Isis Campos, Victoria Moreno, Annette Zapata

Twitter Bots

@AlonsoSPerales Tweets out quotations from Alonso S. Perales’ writings, information regarding Perales, and news regarding his collection. Created by Lorena Gauthereau and Theresa Mayfield. @Fillingthe_gaps Unveils Latino authors’ written legacy recovered in newspapers published in the United States from 1808 to 1960. The bot asks people to contribute by responding with any additional information they’ve … Continue reading Twitter Bots