Submission Guidelines

Do you have a blog post related to US Latina/o/x archival or digital humanities recovery work? Contact us to submit your blog post for consideration. Posts can be in English or Spanish.

Blog posts should focus on material related to the recovered US Latina/o/x legacy (from the colonial period to 1980). They are written in an informal tone aimed at reaching an audience beyond academia. We hope to reach students and community members through these posts. Please keep posts short, ideally 500-1000 words. We encourage the use of images and links to other resources (with captions). We welcome blog posts on the following topics:

  • Discoveries in your archival research
  • Descriptions of a recovered archival collection/manuscript
  • Use of archives in the classroom
  • Public humanities projects related to recovered US Latina/o/x histories
  • Background/introduction to historic US Latina/o/x historic figures
  • Description, context, or background of US Latina/o/x digital humanities projects
  • Preliminary research results
  • Edited (shortened) conference presentation transcripts
  • News or events related to recovered US Latina/o/x histories
  • Tutorials for digital tools or archival preservation
  • Reading lists (a list of about 5 Recovery books or books written by Recovery scholars with a brief description, centered around a theme, such as Summer Reading, Immigration, Women’s Month, Hispanic Heritage Month)

We ask that you use MLA in-text parenthetical citations and include a works cited in your entry. You may also include a Further Reading section.

Please choose 1-3 tags from this list for your submission: archives, books, borders, civil rights, collections, decolonize, DH projects, Events, Fellowships, Grants, LULAC, News, newspapers, presentations, public humanities, reading list, social justice, women. You may submit a tag for consideration if your post does not fit into any of the current tags.

After your post, please include a short 2-3 sentence author bio (if you have a website, please include the link).